DCE Wood waste Range of Filter Plants

Our wood waste range of dust collectors cover two different types of filters, each capable of handling wood dust and chips created from today's state of the art timber and joinery machine shops.

The Nordfab NFKZ 3000 Chain Filter utilises a tubular bag system suitable for handling large volumes of air with heavy material contamination levels.

The NFKZ3000 ATEX dust collector with options of rotary valves, integrated chain conveyors and collection drums are suitable for handling most timber chip and dust applications.

Each module 2400mm of the filter design is fitted with a combined inspection and explosion relief door. Filter cleaning with regeneration fans. The filter is fitted with the unique patented SUPERBAG.

The filter hopper and inlet section (optional) separates medium and large sized particulates and distributes the air to the filter bags. Adouble chain conveyor on the bottom of the hopper passes the collected material to a rotary valve for discharge.

Key Features:

  • Handles air volumes from 6000-500,000 M3/Hr
  • ATEX-certified for ST1 and ST2 dust with a Kst value up to 300 bar m/s
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for handling large volumes of air with heavy material contamination
  • Designed for continuous operation
  • For mounting on the ground or on the roof
  • Overpressure or vacuum versions up to 5,000 Pa
  • Explosion relief vents upwards or sideways
  • Powerful online cleaning with efficient regeneration fans
  • Patented anti-static polyester SUPERBAGs
  • Easy to install on site and extend when required
  • Low energy consumption

The CJ Cyclofilter bag dust collectors maximise the separation of dust from the airstream. The result is a reduced upward velocity and dust load, thus maximising bag life. This low dust load greatly improves the efficiency of the filter, even in the toughest of applications, giving typical emission levels of less than 0.1mg/m3 with approximately 50% of the filter area of an alternative chain filter. Filter efficiencies of up to 99.997% can be achieved.

The Cyclofilter combines the advantage of cyclone separation with the efficiency of a bag filter.
Available in positive or negative pressure configurations.

Key Features:

  • The dust collector can be designed to handle large volumes of waste
  • Fitted explosion panels, certified under the ATEX directive
  • Reduces residual dust concentration to less than 0.1Mg/m3
  • Automatic pulse on demand pulse jet cleaning of the filter bags minimising on compressed air usage
  • Allows 24 hour operation, even with very high dust concentrations
  • Monitored cleaning system requires very low compressed air consumption
  • Cost effective and efficient
  • Virtually maintenance free due to lack of moving parts
  • Durable filter housing