DCE Ancillary Items

Cyclone Pre-Separators

Modern process machinery of today can in certain industries generate both high dust loading and potential dust and material that can create problems for modern filter plants.

At DCE we have a comprehensive range of High Efficiency Cyclone Pre-Separators designed to remove such high risk dusts from the airflow protecting your filter plant and maximising filter life.

The HE range of cyclone pre-separators can handle air volumes from 1000m3/hr to 30,000m3/hr being complete with a range tangential inlet and outlet adapters, support steel work structures, outlet surge bunkers to suit your on site waste collection system.

Construction can be either Mild Steel powder coated, stainless steel or galvanized.

Fanset Ventilators

With a wide range of both backward inclined, paddle blade and inline axial fansets, DCE have an energy efficient solution to generate the correct air volume and pressure to control your dust and fume application.

Our fansets can be supplied in a wide range of configurations, from direct drive to belt driven and floor mounted to integrated types.

A range of energy efficient motors can be applied including ATEX explosion compliant types.

Starters & Controllers

Our bespoke built starters range from basic push to operate shaker starters to high tech Inverter controllers with PLC driven control systems designed to operate your dust plant efficiently.

Dust Discharge Mechanisms

Having collected waste material within your dust collector DCE can provide a solution from a basic gravity operated valve to higher specification electric operated valves and screw conveyor systems.

Our range of valves can also be upgraded to meet ATEX regulations application specific.

Acoustic Diffusers, Enclosures & Rooms

In order to meet on site internal and external Environmental noise requirements. DCE have a selection of acoustic devices ranging from inline ductwork diffusers to full noise enclosures and rooms.

Our in house design team can produce a bespoke solution if required to solve your specific noise problem.

Dust Monitoring Devices

To ensure your dust control plant controls the levels of emission output to atmosphere DCE can provide you with 2 levels of dust monitoring protection:

Level 1 – EMP6 Emissions monitor (offering real time mg/m3 data)

Level 2 – BBD6 Broken bag detector (offering an alarm only on bag burst status)

As standard Level 1 is fully ATEX II 3 D&G and MACT compliant.

Flexible Fume Extraction Arms

We offer a wide range of flexible fume extraction arms constructed with metal, plastic or flexible hose tubes. The arms are available in various lengths covering 2M up to 8M radius with the use of supporting booms.

A wide range of capture hoods, floor stanchions, airflow sensors, auto starters, fume fansets and spark arrestors can be applied to solve your specific dust or fume problem.

After Filtration

In order to protect against high emission levels carried over from primary filters DCE offer a comprehensive range of high efficiency HEPA filters achieving an efficiency of 99.999% at 0.3um from H10-H14 standard.

A range of basic secondary fine filters are also available ranging from F5 through to F9 achieving efficiencies from 40% up to 95%.

The above filters can be supplied with or without filter housings and seal frames as required.

ATEX CARZ Back Pressure Dampers

The CARZ back pressure flap is designed to prevent the effects of a pressure wave and flame front, arising from an explosion downstream, travelling back along the duct system into which it is fitted.

It is effective up to a maximum declared reduced explosion pressure within the protected enclosure (typically Zone 22 internally) and acts as an isolating valve during the explosion event.

In normal operating mode, it is held open against gravity by the dust laden air stream flowing in the direction opposite to that of the explosion pressure wave.

The device is suitable for use on dust explosive class ST1 applications only.