DCE M & UMA Series Shake Clean Filters

DCE offer a comprehensive range of automatic and manual shake clean filter units designed to handle a wide variety of dust applications.
Our range consists of two types of media designations, type 1 using a multi “V” pocket element and type 2 using a multi flat pad pocket element. Both utilise the auto shake clean mechanism which means 99.997% efficiencies can be achieved.
Dirty air enters the filter at low level and is distributed evenly across the filter cell by the use of internal baffle plate systems.
Waste which falls out of the air stream is discharged from the filter unit by means of a hopper section and a wide range of discharge systems including basic waste collection bins, manual wafer operated bagging off valves and rotary valves to name a few.

Key Features:

  • Modular Design
  • Filter sizes range from 7.5M2 to 336M2 areas
  • Various filter media: Polyester Needle Felt, Anti Static, Oleophobic, Nomex
  • Clean side accessible filter removal


  • Integral mounted fansets

  • Acoustic diffuser silencer options

  • Indoor/outdoor location

  • Multiple hopper alternatives

  • Support steelwork

  • Auto shake controllers

  • Energy saving Inverter controls
  • Stainless Steel construction for food and chemical industry
  • After filtration and HEPA back up systems
  • ATEX Explosion vents