DCE Tornado Reverse Jet Cartridge Filters

The DCE Tornado is a self contained free standing high efficiency range of dust collectors developed, designed and manufactured in house at our facility. The DCE Tornado dust collector range covers a specific gap in the market place for a high quality, cost effective reverse jet cartridge dust collector.
The Tornado is produced using the latest high tech CNC Laser cutting and CNC folding machines ensuring a high quality product is delivered. Constructed from 5mm and 3mm thick prime mild steel sheet, painted with a high quality Dupont® powder coated finish and range of RAL colours to meet each customers specific requirements.
Cartridge filter elements are regenerated by the use of a compressed air cleaning system injecting compressed air down each cartridge to dislodge the build up of dust.
An optional “Reinforcement Pack” can be added to the Tornado range of dust collectors to upgrade to ATEX compliancy to handle explosive dust with an explosibility rating of ST1 and ST2.
A range of fabricated hoppers are available, our basic collector been complete with a 80Ltr hook on bin and optional equalizing system to allow plastic bin liners to be applied, raised steel supports to allow either rotary valve, screw conveyors or double counter balanced discharge valves to be applied.
With a range of Tornado components being stocked at our Leeds facility, we are one of the few UK manufacturers having the capability of a turn around time of one week from receipt of your purchase order to delivery!


DCE Tornado Brochure Download


Key Features:

  • Heavy duty welded construction
  • Filter sizes range from 18.8M2 to 150M2 areas
  • Various filter media: Spun Bonded Polyester, Nano Web, Nomex, PTFE
  • Reverse jet compressed air cleaning 24 hour per day operation
  • Pulse on demand air saver technology
  • Clean side accessible filter removal
  • Integral and floor mounted fanset options
  • Acoustic diffuser silencer options
  • Indoor and outdoor location
  • Multiple hopper alternatives with steelwork supports
  • Starter controllers
  • Energy saving Inverter controls
  • Stainless Steel construction for food & chemical industry
  • ATEX Explosion vents
  • After filtration and HEPA back up systems
  • Screw conveyors
  • Rotary valves, butterfly wafer manual valves, collection bins with bin liner options
  • British Standard ladders, handrail and platforms